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How Bell Varsity Student, Shonibare Escape Death From Gang Of Cultist



A 300L STUDENT of marketing department at Bell University, Shonibare Linus Diekola miraculously escaped death by whisper in the hand of gang of cultist in the school, he was mercilessly beaten to the point of coma and dropped off at the school 2nd gate at Benja village in Ota , Ogun state.

Shonibare was found around 2am by the school security and later rushed to the emergency ward of the school’s clinic and later transferred to Gideon hospital in Lagos for proper treatment.

According to the source, Shonibare was brutalized for refusing to join or partook in cult and cultism activities after several attempts to initiate him to be a member of Black Axe confraternity on campus.

According to the source, Shonibare was approached around 7pm last December by four boys , Hassan, Obi, Lana and Femi that claimed to be a 400L students of Bell University, they offered to give him a ride back to the hostel but he refused because he never met nor see them before within the school premises.

In the month of January 2017, Shonibare found a note on his bed in the hostel with the words “You can not run away from your shadow, we are everywhere” In April the leader of the dreaded gang called Shonibare to provide N200000 to cover his security within the campus or face compulsory initiation and become a member of Black Axe.

Shonibare was forced to report the matter and the gang to his parents and the school authority, unfortunately the school authority told his parents that the gang members were not a bonafide students of Bell university so there was nothing the school authority can do in respect of that, according to him he started living in fear because the gang leader started calling him with different numbers threatening him.

Unfortunately for Shonibare he was abducted yesterday on his way to the school and drove to an unknown place where he was stripped naked, molested and mercilessly beaten, he was later found after several hours of his abduction and tortured.

In his own explanation, Shonibare’s Dad, Chief Babawale Ibitoye Shonibare confirmed that he had been to the
school campus to report the abuse against his son by this deadly cult members severally but the Bell authority failed to do anything because they claimed the four students were not students of the

Chief Shonibare now called on the Federal Government of Nigeria and the authority of private institutions to see to the dreaded cult activities in their various campus, the menace is advised to be tamed by authority concerned to avoid future occurrences so as to secured and protect the life of innocent students in various university campuses.

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