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Reasons Why Other Tribes In Nigeria Admires NDI-IGBO.



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By Henry EU.

There are certain natural phenomenon that is peculiar with ndi-igbo which makes them quite unique and pleasant among other tribes in Nigeria. The IGBO’S are blessed people who have contributed very immensely in the progress of Nigeria and other tribes have accepted and admired the beauty of Ndi igbo.

I write out of knowledge and my acquittance With history, facts that spells out the fantastic nature of Ndi igbo which other Tribes admires.
Quote me anywhere, igbos are the most admire tribe in Nigeria.

From the comment of Mr President Muhammadu Buhari he said : I will always be a friend of Igbo’s. ~ Buhari.
He further describe the entrepreneur nature of Ndi igbo as “UNIQUE” noting that other ethic nationalist should embrace it to move Nigeria forward.

Igbo’s are admired across Nigeria due to their Meaningful contributions in moving Nigeria forward, especially in the area of business, sport and other aspects of Live.

1. IGBO’S Are Global

Igbos are versatile and they can be found in every part of the World, starting from Lagos, Igbos predominates Lagos State, especially In the area of business and partially in some quarters of Lagos state Civil service.

The ability of Ndi-Igbo to go global is attracting admiration to them around the world. Tell me which country of the world where you can not find IGBO’S in a very significant amount. Yes! other tribes in Nigeria including the Yoruba’s lack such ability for mobility to go global. #IGBO’StotheWorld.

2. Igbos Are Self Reliant

This is a natural phenomenon with Ndi-Igbo, they stands to be self-sufficient among every other tribes in Nigeria.

IGBO’S are self enriched and they can provide for themselves and extends such mindset of sufficiency down to their families and relations. I can bet you that many Igbo family can provide a million naira when needed.

The fact is, every Igbo family owns at least a House Either in the village or in town. That’s the character of ndi-Igbo that brings out their beauty of self-sufficiency.

Writing out of my experiences, during my NYSC I accepted a Yoruba person as a roommate and he partially depends on me for survival, even though we receive the same allowance of #19,800 monthly.

with such experience it has shown how far and find the level of self-reliance of Igbo people. Other tribes in Nigeria like the Yoruba’s records very large number of beggars, who have to hail others before they eat. Of course you know it that IGBO’S don’t beg.

3. IGBO’S Dominance In Sport (Super Eagles)

Let me just go straight to the point. By listing the number if IGBO’S who made the super eagles squads in this recent FIFA World Cup in Russia we have the likes of Francis Uzoh (GK), Ikechukwu Ezenwa, Elderson Echiejile, Chidozie Awaziem, Mikel Obi, Wilfred Ndidi, John ogu, Joel Obi, Kelechi Iheanacho, Alex Iwobi, Simeon Nwankwo.

As You can see out of 23 man squad 11 of them are IGBO’S. With this, please respect the Igbo’s, they dominate sports in Nigeria at the National level.

Permit me to mention the Hero’s of football in Nigeria who are from no other tribe than Igbo. Okocha, Kanu Nwankwo, Sam Okparaji, Sunday Oliseh, Mikel Obi and so on.

At least with this few facts, it is obvious that IGBO’S dominate the sporting Arena of Nigeria, which other tribes and Yoruba’s cannot achieve even in years to come.

Fact! No other tribe have produced African Footballer of the Year in Nigeria, it’s Only Igbo in the person of Nwankwo Kanu. IGBO’S have taken over sport in Nigeria.

4. IGBO’S Moves The Economy Of Nigeria

The ability of Ndi-Igbo in performing better in business activities of Nigeria is by far incomparable with other tribes, and Yoruba’s are not capable of contending with.

The IGBOS move the economy of Nigeria and that of Lagos state. Lagos state is booming with business activities it’s because of Igbo hustlers who have invested heavily in Lagos state economy. Igbos dominates Alaba international market, Ajegunle, Computer Village, Eko and so many other business areas in Lagos.

IGBO’S have shifted Yoruba youths to Agbero and the Hausa’s are relegated to keke napep and Okada riders. IGBO’S have taken over the business of Lagos state.

Fact! About 98% of importers in this country are IGBOS. The likes of Ifeanyi UBA, Innoson, Author Eze, Paschal Dozie (MTN NG), EMEKA offor (EEDC) and lots more are business men and industrialist who have contributed to the industrialization of this country.

Igbos are very fantastic in business and its admirable. Please show some respect to IGBO’S. #BusinessisfortheIGBO’S.

5. Fastest Growing Region in Nigeria.

After the Civil War (Biafran War 1967-1970), there was no standing building in the whole of Onitsha. Now, you can just take a tour around Onitsha you will find out that it hosts the most number of high risen buildings in Nigeria.

The level of development being recorded in Igbo land after the Civil War is very admirable. Atiku Abubakar, former vice president and presidential aspirant once said;

“The Igbo rebuilt their region after the War but the North still have mud House.

We fought the Civil War with the Igbo, today the Igbo have been completely rebuilt, but we still find mud houses in the North, is it the fault of the easterners that the North is like that”. ~ Atiku

Atiku admires Ndi-Igbo based on their steadfastness on the level development recorded within the Igbo region.

Even the military leader of Nigeria during the War time Gen. Yakubu Gowon. In his comment said;

“Nigeria is better off with IGBOS”.

This is a reflection of his overwhelming admiration on Igbos.

6. Competitiveness

IGBOS love competition which have drown lots of admiration to them around the world.

The Yoruba’s and the other tribes faces some level of competition With Igbos, which they end up losing. Easterners strives in contest.

Fact! the just concluded biggest TV show Big Brother Naija was won by an Igbo (Miracle) and the two finalists happens to be Igbos, Cee Cee and Miracle while other contestants who are from other tribes were knocked out, the likes of Tobi, Kbrule and Kleow who are Yorubas.

In conclusion, as a nationalist and an analyst on the issues of National interest, I have love for other tribes even though am saying that Yorubas and Hausa are Good tribes in Nigeria where IGBOS lead.

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