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#RevolutionNow: 5 Mistakes Sowore Made



By Tajudeen Alabede

The organisers of #RevolutionNow protest made some fatal errors. Tajudeen Alabede, a public affairs analyst noticed some of these errors that led to unsuccessfulness of the protest as he writes.


ONE, the choice of Omoyele Sowore, the publisher of Sahara Reporters, a presidential candidate in the recently concluded election, as the arrowhead and poster boy of the protest was a big blunder.

Sowore now has to choose between being an opposition leader (politician) and an activist. The rules of engagement for these roles are different. Otherwise, his actions would henceforth be coloured by partisanship.

Two, the core demands of the group, serious as they are, don’t in any way call for “revolution”. They rather call for sustained campaigns and constructive engagement with the government at different levels.

Three, the choice of #RevolutionNow as the group’s battle cry wasn’t well thought-out. Calling for revolution in the midst of multiple security challenges in the nation is naive. No serious government would take that lightly.

Four, Sowore’s open rapprochement with Nnamdi Kanu and other anti-government elements raises questions about any claim to altruism.

Five, any attempt to play on words is futile. When a politician organises a protest by invoking revolution, the end result is clearly predictable.

Tajudeen Alabede, a public affairs analyst is the Coordinator, Progressives Solidarity Forum (PSF), Lagos State Chapter

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1 Comment

1 Comment

  1. KOL


    Do we ask ourselvies what actually brought the idea of the REVOLUTION PROTEST.Hopelessness in the land. People lost hope in democrazy. If election were conducted in million times APC will always win unless changes were made in our voting method. Then who will bell the cat. Do you see solution to security problems, no way, unless the security system is change.So the solution is system change. Who will do that, THE HOUSES, not possible. Do the only solution is THE PEOPLE.What is happening to Sowore is good for the people of Nigeria.You see it in negative way,we see it in positive way. The more the government keep him their the the discussion continues to find solutions to all these demanding problems that befell this Country.Their will be light at the end of the tunnel.We shall get their.

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